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Fashion Street 24 by Parishay FS 12


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Elegant embroidered lawn front with delicate lace patches. Dyed lawn back and sleeves provide comfort, while embroidered silk lace adds sophistication. Complete with embroidered daman and slub net dupatta with embroidered patches for a stylish ensemble.


Embroidered Lawn Front (0.95 meters) Embroidered Front Patch Lace (0.90 meters) Embroidered Lawn Sleeves (0.65 Meters) Dyed Lawn Back (1.25 Meters) Embroidered Silk Front Lace (0.75 meters) Embroidered Front Daman (0.75 meters) Embroidered Sleeve Lace (0.90 meters) Dyed Slub Net Dupatta (2.5 meters) Embroidered Dupatta Patch (4Pcs)


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